We here at Zimmerman Motors fleet department would like to introduce ourselves and let you know that we can offer an alternative to where you can purchase your next vehicle for your local municipality.  With our contract through the Pennsylvania COSTARS program we are able to offer you special pricing that is already approved by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services.
These vehicles can vary from passenger vehicles, standard SUVs, minivans and trucks to specialty vehicles, for example.  Special Service Edition Ram 1500 and Dodge Durango, Police Durango and sedan, Heavy duty trucks unfitted for whatever your departments may need, plows/utility bodies/dump etc.  These can also be for eligible local fire departments, school districts and other departments that qualify for the COSTARS program.
We make this buying process as easy as possible, with our knowledge of vehicles as well as vendors to assist with protentional upfits, Zimmerman Motors fleet department is your one stop shop.  We know you are busy enough, let us take the hassle of vehicle purchasing off your plate.  With our delivered to your door options, there is no easier way to purchase a vehicle.